Love Mixtures ~ Crowned His Kings of The King Men's Plant-Based Body Grooming Creme

Love Mixtures ~ Crowned His Kings of The King Men's Plant-Based Body Grooming Creme

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Quench and moisturize your entire body from head to toes with our special blend of 100% fruit and plant-based butters and oils just for men, His Kings of the King. 

We see you kings for real working diligently to carry out your duties and demands to make the world a better place. This full body hair to toes crème is for gentlemen on the move. When you choose Love Mixtures For Men Kings of the King crème it is because you realize a much-needed moment to self-love body care by choosing ingredients made from nature’s bountiful supply of fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers in the form of butters and botanical oils to carry on and rise to another day of doing, living your best blessed life.

Aging brings such new experiences such as how we love our body, hair, and skin and here is an alternative to artificial synthetic based products, a blended mixture of 100% fruit and plant-based ingredients that have been around since the beginning of time...which naturally loves to provide many benefits.


Choosing fruits, plants and earth treasures is not an exact science, however it is nature working the way it is divinely designed with our bodies...which is why we count on our customers to give us their input regarding their needs. 

We believe owning your health and wellness requires taking action. Research the ingredients to learn of the many reported benefits and functions. Please let us know if this product gives you what you need. 

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Butter (conditioner). Avocado and Jojoba oils (hair growth, conditioner, moisturizer and strengthener). EOs: Cedarwood (hair growth), Geranium (dandruff control and hair growth) and Vanilla. Drink plenty of water daily to ensure your skin is hydrated. Apply  to your face, body and hair in the name and blood of Lord Jesus Christ and the prayer of faith for preserving and protection of your body.  Rev. 17:14 (NIV)

If you’re concerned about a possible reaction, test a small amount of mixture on the inside of your elbow before using it on larger areas. If allergic reaction occurs stop use of the product. 


We mix up love potions for hair and skin. We provide comfortable apparel for customers. In case your product purchase is not quite a match no worries for we will gladly issue a product credit towards a purchase exchange. Contact Client Support to discuss your desired exchange and to provide helpful feedback so we can meet your future needs. Thank you!